Friday, December 24, 2010

Half of cards... sent!

I sent out half of my Christmas cards... the other half are in the back of a snow covered car in the driveway.

Sorry if yours is in the trunk. :) I tried to mail them today, but I couldn't stand in the line anymore... The line of 14 people and ONE mail person ...not the way I wanted to spend two hours of my Christmas Eve Eve. :) ...and let's face it, they are already late. :)

The first half of my cards were carried to America by a nice friend of mine. Way cheaper that way... :) So if you are wondering why your card from us was sent from the States, that's why. I had it personally escorted across the ocean. :) Thanks Shelly!

The other half of my cards will arrive to everyone sometime next year. :) Oh well though, I'm still feeling kinda proud for sending them out at all...

Can't wait until tomorrow... Christmas Eve!!! I can throw away the five HUGE advent calenders that have been in my small kitchen for 24 days. :)

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