Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bigger is way Better!

Here is my Pink Giant Paper Bundled Bouquet. It was delivered to my door by a nice German man who I never really saw because the flowers hid him.

It went like this:

The doorbell rang.
I opened the door.
I saw a giant paper bundled bouquet.
The paper bundle bouquet asked, "Frau Happy".
I said, "Yes?"
The paper bundle bouquet came towards me.
I took it.
The man was gone when I finally maneuvered the paper bundle bouquet so that I could see out the door. :)
I brought them upstairs.
Andrea said, "Wow".

Yellow Tulips, because that's what we had at our wedding. Roses are blah and for boring sissys. :)
What a nice husband I have. I don't even care if one of his secretaries ordered them. I like my flowers. :) Thanks Happy... Andrea was really mean to me today and I needed to smile.


Nana said...

WOW is right! They are beautiful! Good job Paul!

franziengland said...

WOW, the flowers looks fantastic!! You do deserve them :) !


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