Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is there a package under those stamps?

It cracks me up everytime she does it.

My mUm (Paul's Mom) sends us packages in the mail and she makes her post office lady in Canada use stamps. :) I love it!!.

Stamps are way more fun than a boring printed barcode and it's a package for kids so it should be fun. :)

It's gotten crazy since we've moved to Europe and it now costs a ridiculous amount of money to send a package to us. This one had stamps on the side. :)

Plus, it's funny to hear her story about having to convince the post office lady to stick all the stamps on the box. It's also funny to see the post man deliver it to me... he's always a bit in awe. :)

The lady downstairs actually signed for this one for me. She asked if that is what they do in Canada. :) She thought it was great fun. She also has 12 grandkids and she said she'll do this next time for them since she saw how amusing it was for everyone involved.

PS. This is not a really late Christmas gift. I just found the picture and I don't think I ever wrote about it so..... :)

It was fun. I even save the stamps from these boxes. :)


franziengland said...

Great idea with all the stamps!! I like it a lot. The stamps seem to be big compared to the ones we have in Sweden...

Tara said...

The big stamps are bigger than regular ones. I think the really big ones are worth ten dollars. :)


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