Monday, February 14, 2011

Won't you be my.... Mayor.

My German teacher showed this to me. It's from a popular German magazine, "Der Spiegel".

This house is three houses away from us. It's being remodeled and has been ever since we moved in... EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY. (Yep, we moved in on Valentine's Day!)


The mayor of Hamburg lives on my street!

The mayor is my neighbor!

I'm going trick or treating there next year. :) (If I can get past his 1,000,000 Euro security system.)


franziengland said...

WOW that's cool! I know which house it is since we talked about it when walking to the train. Right? Der Spiegel is the only magazine I know in Germany :) . I guess they have a constant search for the mayor on the net so they know everything written about him, so now they already know that you plan to go there for Halloween and will probably leave the house before you try to get there. Sorry ;) !

Anonymous said...

Now don't you go getting any mayors and graces!!!

LOL. weak joke I know.

Go round now and borrow a cup of sugar!!

Z ;)


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