Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Musical Fruit

I've always heard this was a good idea for keep kids entertained, but it wasn't until my friend tried it that I decided I'd try too. All you need is a bowl, some spoons, lots of dried beans, and a high tolerance for chaos.

These beans worked wonders and it was pretty tame ...until Sierra got involved that is. Sierra started to play and I came back to a kitchen COVERED in beans. I couldn't believe it! You couldn't even tiptoe across the floor without stepping on a bean. I wasn't too happy about it and made her sweep it up, but Andrea had a great time!

The beans are still in a bowl in the kitchen and I bring them out when I'm trying to make dinner. They are losing their novelty though so they might go away and come back another day.

1 comment:

franziengland said...

How fun! Why didn't I come up with this idea while having young children...?


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