Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Drugs

Guess what? Michaela and Scotty have strep throat ...along with half of the silly international school.

I hated the Danish health care everything. I would wait until the doctors office closed so I could go to the hospital for a competent doctor to see me, but here, the German healtcare system has been pretty nice to me so far. :) (Of course I haven't given birth here so it might be unfair to compare...) :)

True, I haven't seen a doctor bill since we've been here! Same as DK though...


I just got all my kids' antibiotics for free!! I walked into the pharmacy and they just gave me the antibiotics! No form to fill out, nothing to even sign... They just asked if it was for my children and I said yes... and they just gave it to me!

I did have to pay five cents for the bag though. :)


Anonymous said...

So true.Danish health care sucks big time.I've seen more people going into a spiral of ill health here than in any other place I've known, lived and loved in.I know people here who are sick because they can't afford their meds.
We tend to wait until out of hours to go to the out of hours docs up at whichever hospital we prefer. Local docs suck in Denmark across the board.And we should know,because we've tried across the board.There are more international docs who work the out of hours shifts,and either way, they seem to be better at treatments,and you get a thorough check up.
Who cares if it costs the state more?We pay an arm and a leg in taxes.
Sorry to hear about the strep throat.I am going to google that. It sounds horrid.
Hoorah for free drugs for kids! Again,something you'd never have gotten in Denmark.

Z :)

C and H Romenesko said...

Only you would end the post with a little bag-buying humor! You know, you should really be more European and bring your own bags with you. I know, one more thing to carry, but hey why not???

franziengland said...

Medicine is free for children in England too. It's not in Denmark or Sweden, but it doesn't cost that much, there is a limit and after that all the medicines are free. We actually had a great local doctor in Denmark. Super in all aspects, maybe we were lucky...
Hope the children get healthy soon now when they got antibiotica!


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