Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mary Poppins


I asked him to dance around singing "Steppin' Time" in my drive way, but he just stared at me. :) He even has a tall brush; and see on his shoulder...? He has a ball on a chain to toss down chimneys.

Here is the deal with this guy... He comes once a year and sweeps your chimney! :) AND if you touch him and take a piece of soot off of him then you have good luck the whole year!

Cute huh?!

I was at a friends house and MY Chimney Sweep shows up at her house. She has an actual chimney, so MY Chimney Sweep climbed on top of her roof and it was very Mary Poppins like. Super cute. It was really fun and we all waved good bye to him with our black soot covered hands... even us moms. :)

Happy just said I already wrote about him, but I can't remember... so here it is again. :)


franziengland said...

Wonderful!! I don't think you have told us before...
Don't you do this in US?
Sorry if I sounded strange when you called me last week. It has been some nice but intense days. We are really happy about everything and 30 min ago the last "guest" left.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It's really awesome!


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