Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tooth Machine

It's kinda like the Willy Wonka candy machine that makes Everlasting Gobstoppers.... except it makes teeth. :)

I had a crown put on a tooth today and due to my ignorance about dental procedures I thought I was just getting a little "hat" to rest on the top of my tooth to protect it. Nope, I got a whole new tooth... and this is the super cool machine that made it.

The dentist waved some magic wand thing over my tooth a few times and up popped this 3D image of my tooth on the screen. Then the dentist wiggled her mouse around and the tooth moved around on the screen... you could see every angle of my tooth. Then she moved the tooth around on the screen and outlined the entire thing. After a lot of clicking she had eventually created the perfect tooth just for me. :)

15 minutes later my tooth popped out of the machine like a gumball and after 30 minutes of the nice dentist cramming it into my un-numbed mouth I left with a new tooth. ...and Paul's favorite part was that for all of this super cool technology we only had to pay 480 euros. Root Canal and all... :) He said Germany gets a point.

AND Scotty's first dental experience....

Earlier this week Scotty had his first cavity filled. It was just a little tiny one, and I was terrified for him ...but he was super brave. I didn't even take him to a "kid dentist", I took him to my regular dentist because I like and really trust her. She would stop every time he raised his hand... and after him raising his hand about 20 times she finally finished and he left happy. I was surprised it went so well, but very relieved. :) I wasn't even upset that he didn't get a toy afterwards. :)

No more tooth issues for now.

OH, I also got a "frequent flyer dentist card"! If I take care of any teeth problems for an entire year I get one stamp from my dentist. Five stamps and my insurance will cover more of my dental work. :) Cute huh?


Kelli Nørgaard said...

The tooth machine is cool, but your new header is even better! I love love love that pic of the girls reading together!

C and H Romenesko said...

Too cool! I've never seen/heard of anything like that...not that I have any experience with it. Hope the feeling has returned to your mouth; nobody wants to see you drool :-)

missisauga buddy said...

Hi there this is the second time i visited your site and i find it very great and cool too. Your family is such fantastic.


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