Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i HEART california

We made it!

I remembered how much I love America during the flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco. So many friendly Americans!! I had fun talking to random people on the plane, people just start up meaningless conversations with you... Everone offered me help with the kids, Scotty rested his head on the lady next to him. The woman next to Poozie played peek a boo with her while I went potty. Grown ups let the kids skip to the front of the bathroom lines. People were just friendly and nice...

The flights were pretty uneventful and somehow we ended up in Economy Plus. :) Not quite sure how, but if it was something Happy's work arranged then DANKE! :) Economy Plus really is not that much different except I think you do get a fair bit more leg room.

Michaela took care of Scotty the entire time so she gets a zillion points and we ALL slept for about 5 or 6 hours, we had to sleep because the flight was so long and boring... and we were exhausted. :) Thank goodness it was only 11 hours... any longer and I would have gone insane. The last two hours are always the hardest for me. Poozie slept all the way until we landed. The kids did better than they ever have before though. They are seriously some of the best travelers I know. They sit nicely and never kick the seat in front of them, they ask for their own drinks, they conserve their own iPod battery, they are great. Phew.

Nana and Papa were at the airport to greet us and drove us back to their house. It was pretty late, but Nana and Papa stayed up as long as they could with us. :) They left us to eat cereal and watch cartoons and we finally went to bed around midnight. We all slept until 6 or 7 which was really quite impressive.

First place we went to eat: Denny's.

We left Denny's and drove immediately to.......



I tried really hard not to go crazy and buy everything I saw. I think I did really good. I need to pace myself.

I'm not sure what is on the agenda today but I'm pretty sure it will involve In-N-Out Burger!!! Maybe right now!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

JEAAAAAAAAAAALOUS of all of it.. except Denny's! :-)

Ingrid said...

Hi Dear.
I am so happy to see you did THAT fine back home!! THANK YOU very much for letting us stay in your house!!!!!!! It was just awesome and very comfortable! You did even prepare gifts for us!! I loved having the Swedish magazine! I took it with me, hope that was ok? Otherwise I will leave it when we go back! Now we are in Iowa and it is superfun! We have spent this extremely warm day in a Waterpark and I just told Joan how friendly I think the Americans are ALL the time, so I understand what you mean about your flight. Their new house is REALLY nice and we were out with their boat yesterday.
We HAVE been to Target too!! Ok, I'd better go! Enjoy everything at home!! You deserve that! And say congratulations from us to Scotty's lost tooth, he really is a big guy!
Tons of hugs!! Ingrid


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