Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost Tooth!

Scotty lost a tooth!

He has had a wiggly tooth for weeks, maybe even months, but not anymore. My little five year old lost his first tooth!

As always he was wiggling it around and it just fell out! He looked so surprised and showed me for two seconds and then quickly ran off to show his new best friend, Papa. :)

Then he showed Andrea who quickly started to cry. She wanted one too. She is terrible like that. Whatever anyone has she wants it too.... a gap in your mouth where a tooth once sat? Yes, she's gotta have one... Now.

That night he put it under his pillow and the International Tooth Fairy came and left him 5 DOLLARS for his tooth which, even though it's chewed more European food in it's life, fell out in America... and you get the currency of whatever country the tooth falls out in... OR you are traveling to. We've researched the tooth rules for how it works on the International Tooth Fairy website.


Kelli Nørgaard said...


Hurray for Scotty!!

shellyk said...

Hey Scotty...don't tell Clay you got 5 bucks. The most he's ever got was 2 Euros. You look cute as ever with your new squirt hole. :)


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