Monday, July 4, 2011


Andrea loves the sun! :)

Sunscreen every day. (He's laughing because "it tickles".)

It's a spray. :) 8 seconds and you are done....

...and free to frolic in the water.

The following pictures will forever be known as the 2011 Attack on Nana .

...and here is the proof of who started it. You'll notice he disappears from the rest of the pictures.

Nana is attacked.

She fights back though.

...and the girls turn on each other.

...and Poozie happily munches away on her grape Popsicle while watching the screeching, crazy, wet people...

They eventually called a truce and went to take a break in the non heated jacuzzi which was still too hot...
So Papa poured ALL the ice from the freezer into the water. :)

The girls were floating in an ice bath.... but not for long. :)

Giant jugs filled with frozen water.... just trying to cool off in the nice 100 degree weather. (38C)

We are enjoying the sun and hot, but in reality spend most of the time inside the air conditioned house hiding from it. :)

We miss you Happy!


Ingrid said...

LOVE the photos!!! You are so like your mom! We have arrived happily to Boston and as you understand, we enjoy the company a lot! Hugs!

shellyk said...

Love, Love, Love your new photos!! Glad I get to see what you're up to. Ingrid is right, you are so like your mom! :)


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