Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of JULY

Yes, Sierra... I realize every country has a Fourth of July, BUT only in America is it a giant party all day long! USA#1!! (Oh, and Happy belated Canada Day on July 1st)

On our Fourth of July we went to the park with Nana and Papa at 6:00am to watch the hot air balloons get set up and take off. We ate our pancakes and then went to watch the parade. After the parade we got shaved ice, but by then... (~10:30am) it was already too hot to be outside. We went home to hide in the air conditioned house. We emerged only to run to the air conditioned car, with which we drove to an air conditioned restaurant. :)

Later that night the girls went with their dad for fireworks fun and Nana, Papa, and I took the two little ones to see the fireworks show at highschool... just like we do every year. :)

Poozie was kinda scared of the loud fire noise which made the hot air balloons get big. I feel somewhat obligated to put this picture in because it is the only one with me in it. Happy might want to print it and stick in on the fridge because he misses me so much. :)
Poozie, pouting... over a chocolate donut I believe.

Getting pancakes from the pancake truck at the park.

Yes, Rufus the cat had to come and see the hot air balloons too.


Michaela said...

For the record, Mom was TOTALLY opposed to bringing Rufus the Cat the America... Despite all the love and comfort he has brought. :) Scotty persuaded her with his cute little sad face. :)

shellyk said...

I'm not sure if Happy printed the picture of you, but Brendon saw him on Sunday, they had a beer, and Brendon said he seemed pretty happy...maybe the peace and quiet hasn't gotten too old yet. Clay asked if he could go and see Scotty...I'll have to show him the pictures. I'm glad to see all your smiling faces in America! :)


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