Sunday, July 10, 2011

Safety First

I've written before about how much treats from home can mean to someone who is far away from their "home".... but unless you have been brought to tears by the sight of SpaghettiO's or Fruity Pebbles then you won't understand, but I won't go into that schpeel again. :)

My uncle's wife is originally from Germany, so when I come to this side of the ocean it makes me really happy to bring her things that she misses ....and this Eichbaum beer from Mannheim (and ONLY Mannheim) was on the top of her list. No need to say more, after I shoved some German reading material and chocolate into my suitcase I set off to try and fit an entire case of beer in. :)

So, FYI for anyone who needs to transport beer via an airplane. this is how you wrap bottles safely. Wrap in a couple layers of bubble wrap and stick it in a Dora the Explorer Swimmy Diaper... just in case. :)

PS - No bottles were lost during their journey across the world. :)

1 comment:

shellyk said...

If I told you I wanted a hot Taco Bell taco, I bet you'd figure a way to import that...because you rock, oh queen of imports. :)


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