Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best Beach EVER! :)

Santa Cruz!

I talked my grandparents and parents and brothers into coming to Santa Cruz with us too. The Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk has turned into a yearly tradition for us. It's the best place ever! :) If I ever had ditched school during my high school years I might have drove out to this beach and hung out for the day.... If...

So here we are at the beach... Scotty LOVED it. I need to find a beach in Europe. It probably won't have an amusement park on the edge of the sand, but I'd be pretty happy with some waves ...real waves. Of course those big waves did take out Scotty once, but he loved it so much he spit out the salt water, dried his face off, and ran back for more declaring that he lost one life and had five more... (as if it was a video game and the waves had just sent him back to start...)

PS. Hey Grandpa, Thanks for helping look after little crazy-wave-running Scotty ...even if your shoes were ruined by the saltwater. :)

A beach is actually pretty scary. You really have to stand next to the kids and stare at them, just watching from a lounge chair isn't good enough. Waves are fast and tricky and can suck you up and swirl you around, just ask my little brother Kevin who was body boarding with Michaela and got sucked under and had to swim up to the surface. Glad you didn't drown Kev, but thanks for taking Michaela into the freezing cold water. (It's hot in California, but the water is as good as melted ice.)


California Cool Sunglasses.

I have recently decided that I need pictures of me in this blog so that my kids will remember how super cool I am ... especially with my my husband calls them... my "California Cool Sunglasses".

...and Hey Audrey, in California we eat corndogs, not sand... Silly Utah Pup.

No, she didn't fall. She ate the sand... Twice. :) Gotta love that kid!

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franziengland said...

What a great day!!! Lakes are better then oceans when it comes to waves... I'm sure your children know what cool mom you are!!!
Understand you are back in Hamburg (saw a comment from Sierra to Linnéa at FB). We talked about you yesterday when we passed Hamburg. Wondering if you were there and wished we would have had time to check out...


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