Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Crazy Weeks

School is out.

All four kids had school parties and after school parties, treats and snacks were made for each of their events, gifts for teachers were given. Last week was crazy. There is really no quick and easy way to explain how crazy my days have been. Perhaps a hour by hour log will be necessary to prove how nutso my days are. :) I give you today...

I woke up to 13 screechy girls and one whiny five year old boy. I quickly took Andrea to her preschool and returned home to make waffles. Twenty minutes later my German teacher arrived. I tried to learn German for two hours while the 13 girls and 1 boy ran through the house and thankfully ended up outside on the trampoline. Minor drama ensued. German lesson ended. Most of the screechy girls were picked up to go home and I was left with just my own. I hurried Scotty to his speech class, ...arrived on time thank you. I dropped him off at the doorstep and turned around to go back to get Poozie from preschool. A friend was in traffic so I grabbed her two year old too. I drove home. I left two two year olds at the house with Michaela and Sierra and drove back to retrieve my son.... only five minutes late. We came back home, the extra two year old went home. I made lunch for everyone. I took Andrea and Sierra to get the dry cleaning and stop by Staples, which, for some reason, is a much bigger event than it seems. In Staples I bought gummy bears to elude a massive Poozie Temper Tantrum. I came home again, made croutons and dinner and sat down. It wasn't so bad I guess, but I could write a story like this every day and that is what gets a little tiring.

No complaints though... In reality I love it, and I'd be bored out of my mind without my kids.

Of course I am just coming off a girls weekend away in Copenhagen, during which we took a train to Sweden, rented bikes, and pedaled through the sunny city of Malmo. :) It was a much needed rest and I'm ready for some more crazy nutso days. Bring it on kids!

...and Bring It they did...

Yesterday Sierra and Michaela had a big sleepover party in which they stayed up until 6:00am. Paul saw them awake when he went to work. :) Sierra said it was the best sleep over party she has ever been to so I guess all my suffering was kinda worth it. It's kinda a right of passage for every kid to stay up all night... :) I guess we finally checked that box. :)

So all the crazy end of school stuff is over and now we are starting to get ready for our big summer trip home. WHOO HOOOO! :) Of course this just means that now I get different crazy stuff to deal with like doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments ...and renewing residency permits for Michaela and Sierra who, up until four days ago, I didn't have valid passports for... hee hee. No worries though, it's all under control. :)

I'm headed to bed. It's midnight and, remember, I was up all night listening to giggling girls?

PS. Yes, they do have Staples here in Germany. It's called Staples and even has the same stuff inside. :) ...and Yes, I know you shouldn't give candy to a child just to keep them quiet, but it's all about survival now isn't it.

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