Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday Season is over!

We are officially done with August birthdays! That was hard work. :)

Scotty had his birthday party today, Sierra's was last weekend. My birthday was somewhere in there...

This year I did kinda cheat though ...not with the cakes, because we have some strict standards around here concerning birthday cakes. I cheated on the parties. :)

Sierra wanted to have her party at an indoor swimming pool and Scotty wanted to go to an indoor play place. So we traded some money for our sanity and decided to let the kids run free somewhere other than our own home.

Scotty's Party: 23 kids, 4 hours.

I would have never survived without my husband and the nice parents who helped me. Go Team!

The highlight of the party was Daddy. Paul was flinging kids all over the place and they loved it. He was also throwing giant foam pieces at them so hard that they fell over ...those crazy kids couldn't get enough. Even the little girl who only spoke Russian kept tugging on Happy's arm for more. :) It was hilarious/scary.

The cake had some definite problems while being made, as they all do. It basically broke into crumbs and I had to search around the kitchen for other things to frost. It was a mess, but in the end it turned out okay. There were so many kids at the party I had to make a spaceship AND a Moon. :) This worked out okay because the Moon on it's own kinda looked like a hairball/turd.

Sierra's Party: 13 girls, 4 hours

Michaela was my helper during this party. She was a great big sister and I hope Sierra realized it. :) She helped with organizing people, clearing plates, handing out cake, and even skipping cake when there wasn't enough to go around. Thanks KE.

The only scary part about this party was that I was dealing with 11 year old girls who are scary enough on their own, but now I was dealing with a German speaking Pool. It took some time to figure it all out, but again, my mastery of the German language pulled through. :)

Here are the girls...

Here they are again...

...and not a lifeguard in sight so it was a free for all. Just little ole me down at the bottom of the slide pleading with them to be careful as they sprinted past me and back up the stairs for another ride.

These 13 girls kinda ran the pool while we were there. It was like a little mob of English speaking chaos running from area to area. They stopped at the deep diving pool for a while and took turns jumping off the 3 Meter platform and yelling things to Sierra like, "Sierra is awesome", "Happy Birthday Sierra", "We love you Sierra"

It was cute and when it was time to go the girls started singing Happy Birthday to her for the whole pool to hear. :) Very cute and it made me happy.

Since Sierra just made the Volleyball team I decided to make her a relatively easy Volleyball cake. :) (Not sure why, but the picture insists on being sideways so tilt your head and move on.) PS. It wasn't that easy... I dare you to draw a volleyball, it's harder than it looks! :)

So for a while my kids are now 12, 11, 6, and 3 ...and that makes me 34!


shellyk said...

Happy Birthday Sierra and Scotty!!! Wonder if Happy could make me go airborne on that bouncy toy...looks fun! I love the freedom at the German pool. Our neighborhood playground has a safety sign with 10 million rules, it's sad, but funny!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sierra Everybody out here in USA luvs you xoxo

KE said...

i also dealt with a certain little GIRL during scottys party. it didnt help that i had a sore throat

KE said...

OH AAANNNNDDDD at sierras party we were getting the wristbands and stuff and a little boy walked over to our cake and grabbed it. he was like 5 or six and we were yelling at him with our english and the german parents who were oh so responsible turned around, glared at us and then turned back around.

franziengland said...

Well done again Tara! Your children will remember their birthday parties FOREVER!! Especially the cakes!!! Can't believe you are so good at doing them and said you hadn't even been baking before moving to DK!
And as you say, you always have troubles doing them, but at the final result you can't see there had been any mistakes at all!
Scotty's spaceship is SO nice and I love the plates and stuff at the same theme (from US or Germany?). Can't believe Paul could throw the children that high!! And over and over again, really impressing.
I can see Sierra's little harem in front of me :) . Great that they ruled the pool area! Go girls!
And I love reading KE's additional information among the comments ;) !
Good you planned not to have all those children at HOME!

franziengland said...

BTW, I also had problems with photos turning to the side. R found out what the problem was, it was something about how I held the camera when taking the photo and I couldn't turn it around... I will see if I remember better later on...

franziengland said...

Now you have to adjust how old your children are to the right in the blog...


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