Monday, September 26, 2011

Flat foot?

Here is Bear. Her paw hurts.

After the summer Sierra's foot started hurting. It looked like her right foot had another ankle bone sticking out under the real ankle bone. She kept complaining so I finally decided she had a problem and I took her to the doctor a couple weeks ago.

The doctor immediately sent me to the surgeon ...and told me to hurry because they closed in an hour.

Scary huh?

Not really though ....although I spent the next hour thinking a surgeon was going to have to cut open Sierra's foot and remove whatever funky growth she had ... it turns out "surgeon" was a word that was "lost in translation". I think it the doctor was more a bone doctor of some sort.... but he was definitely not a surgeon. :)

After waiting for an hour in the waiting room filled with people with casts on it was finally our turn. The doctor looked at Sierra's foot for 18 seconds and said, "She has a flat foot." Well, he didn't really say that, it was more like a sad game of charades with a mix of my German and his English, and a lot of pointing ...and in the end I guessed that Sierra had a flat foot and that was making her leg bone rest differently on her one foot which caused the bone to poke out at a slight angle ....which was putting pressure on the inside of her foot. Oh.

Her foot looked fine to me. ??

Anyways, the not-surgeon-doctor gave me a prescription for a pair of custom fitted inserts for her shoe and the next day we went and had custom fitted inserts made for her shoes. Simple enough. We'll see how it works out, but it's not looking good. The inserts raise her out of her shoes all together so I think this will require some new shoes too. Too bad those aren't also free with the super cool medical insurance we have.

I also think that her foot was made angry by wearing flip flops all summer and that if she just started wearing normal shoes with good support then maybe it would solve the problem all together.

It's always something... I'm also in the process of removing a "wart" from the bottom of Poozie's big toe, but I'm pretty sure it's not a wart. I'll try, but if nothing happens it's a visit to the dermatologist.

Still makes me smile to get free everything and free medicine for kids under 12 ...made me smile until I realized Michaela turns 13 in a couple weeks. Hope KE doesn't get sick. :)

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franziengland said...

Free is wonderful but you know you always pay one way or another ;) . We have free here too. And in Sweden and Denmark, ha ha.
Hope it soon feels better for Sierra!! She must be able to explore London you know :) .


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