Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I hate this tree.


I hate this tree in the Spring when it's leaves turn a depressing brown ...a brown that some delusional people like to refer to as "purple" to make the tree seem a little more exotic.

I hate this tree in the Summer when it's brown leaves turn to a dark green similar to that of lake scum.

I hate this tree in the Fall when it creates these seed thingys: E V E R Y W H E R E

What a wonderful joy of nature this tree is.

Today I spent nearly three hours straight cleaning up after the two enormous, ugly trees in my front yard. I filled two garbage cans and ten big plastic bags full of these stupid seed thingys.

...and as I cleaned and raked and mowed and scooped; the stupid little seed thingys kept bouncing off my head.

I can't wait until all of its never-pretty leaves fall off. I'm done with the dumb tree.

The ironic part here is that we just bought real furniture ...a dining room set complete with a big table, side board, bookcase, and eight really cool looking chairs. All wood. :) hee hee

My new dining room furniture was made from the "core of German beech trees". HA! I will now love my new furniture even more because we have helped to kill off some of these frustrating trees. :)

I had no idea what kind of trees these were until this afternoon when I finally whined to a neighbor. She said it was a birch tree, but when I googled the picture to post here I realized she meant beech trees. Little translation problem, but I'm pretty impressed she came up with birch at all.

:) Maybe I should order some more beech tree furniture. :)


franziengland said...

For sure it is not birch since they have white bark. Regarding the beech tree I totally disagree with you. Did you ever take a walk along the sea in Århus during spring in the beech forest and notice the beautiful light green color? I bet you didn't, since if so, you would never hate this tree ;) . Why did you have to pick all those things? Are you sure it is a beech...?
Have a nice weekend!

shellyk said...

Definitely buy more furniture. I don't like purple leafed trees either, but I bet they make nice tables. :)


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