Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Volleyball Bear

Sierra is doing Volleyball again and she is really good!!

Turns out volleyball last year was more of a learning year for her ...because aside from the traumatic Danish Volleyball lesson in 2008, she had never really played before.

But this year is her second year on the ISH Volleyball team and I'm super proud of her. She is scoring points with her serves and returning the ball and calling "Mine" when it comes near... She's awesome.

She went to Dusseldorf a few weeks ago for a game and this past weekend we had two girls from Holland stay with us when they played here. In a few days she will go to Amsterdam to play and her last away trip will be back to The Hauge in Holland for the tournament and I think we will have to go along to watch now that she plays more of the games. :)

Good job Bear!

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franziengland said...

WOW Sierra! I will show Malin the photos, she will be happy to see them since she is also doing Volleyball at school!
Do you have any use for the clothes I left for Scotty. I have some more clothes now in next size for him. Do you want them when you come over here? If you don't it is absolutely ok to say you don't want too :) .
Have a great weekend!


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