Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Andrea the Canadian

Yes... Andrea is part Canadian! I'm sorry I forgot to mention it. :)

Well, she's probably closer to 1/5 Canadian or something. :) ...but who is really just from America? I'm probably 1/16 of every nationality.

But Andrea will get a Canadian passport too, and I promise a picture in front of their embassy too. Getting another passport will probably require another trip to Copenhagen and this time I am NOT driving over that bridge; I'll take the train.

Okay. I'm off to the store to buy "real" sweet potatoes... (Truth be told, I'm going to try to go to the "ethnic" store to see if they have them in cans first.) Nobody here can understand why somebody would put brown sugar, let alone marshmellows, on top of sweet potatoes! I heard a funny story from someone who ate them at a Thanksgiving with some Americans. She thought it was mashed potatoes on top and was surprised/confused to taste something sweet! :) I laughed when she said how she ate it to be nice. :)

...but I only have large marshmellows so I'll let you know how it goes chopping them into fourths to make "mini" marshmellow. AND my big marshmellows are from Germany and cost $6.00!! not .75 cents like in the States! "Oh well" again.


me said...

my mom can't figure out how to leave a comment... :)

Nana said...

I know how to do it now! The vegetable that you couldn't remember is a parsnip. Love the pictures!


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