Monday, October 27, 2008

Fabric Store

I was at the fabric store (will explain why later...). At the fabric store there is a play area with a slide. It was time to go home and I told Scotty that he had five more "slides" down. Then he tells me "No, Million more". Then he takes his hand and pretends to take things off his shirt and thrown them on the ground. So hes grabbing at his shirt and throwing invisible things to the ground. He does this over and over and then tells me he is starting over and he put back all the turns he already had. I laughed so hard!!

I've been making the girls Halloween costumes the last few days, hence the reason for me being in a fabric store. ...and here is where I publicly thank Jill for giving me several detailed sewing lessons. :) I wouldn't have even been able to get the bobbin started by myself. **Jill, Thank you very much for your help. I know you are moving back to England in a week :( and you have 800 things to do, but I'm very appreciative of your help! ...And I'm not happy you are moving. :(**

My mom has always sewn any Halloween costumes I've requested and if I was in the States I would have had her do it. Actually I would have just gone to Walmart and chosen from the 14 Harry Potter costumes on their shelves. But now that I've been left on my own in a foreign country I had to do it myself... and as I was wandering around aimlessly in a Danish fabric store I realized it would have been easier to learn how to sew in America where the patterns and instructions are in English.

They don't even have Halloween here. They just have a party at school. No trick or treating or candy stuff. Halloween is more of a "scare each other" holiday than a "candy" holiday. I think that's why I'm going to so much trouble for their costumes - out of guilt for them missing traditional Halloween fun. I think that makes me a good mom right? :) Either way, my kids think I'm cool for sewing them myself, but truth be told if I would have thought about it I would have had my mom sew the costumes when she was here a few weeks ago.

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Julie said...

Tara, if I were in your place with four kids, I would have just ordered them online! :-) Take lots of pictures!
Since Tristan is still a baby, I just bought him a cute Halloween sleeper type outfit. I figured I made him dress up in his baptism outfit last month so that was enough for now! hehe


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