Friday, October 10, 2008


My little Michaela is 10! She is super big now... She can walk around the house holding Andrea; she can order her own slush ice from the Danish bakery; she can even call to request cribs at hotels in foreign countries. She's spent more time in London and Copenhagen than I have; and she can spell anaesthesiologist. She's my favorite 10 year old!!! I was a bit worried about her for a while there, but she's turned out okay. :) hee hee!

She and Paul are currently in London having a great time seeing "Harry Potter-ish" things. They will come home tomorrow and I'll be sure to put some of her pictures up... or I'll make her do it on her blog. :)


Franzarna said...

Happy Birthday Michaela!
Hope you are having a great time in England?!
Malin, Linnea, Johan & Ingrid

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Michaela!
I have to say I am a bit envious of how she is getting to see the Harry Potterish places! I became a fan of the books and movies myself! :-)

Ninster said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela! Your the same age as Shane! Woohoo!

Michaela said...

anesthesiologist is how you spell that word


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