Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We took my mom to visit Skagen on her last day in Denmark. Skagen is the northernmost point of Denmark. It is where the two parts of the North Sea, the Kattegat and the Skagerrak meet. It's neat because you can actually see the two currents coming in from the east and west and then crashing into each other. It makes the beach sand go into a point. I thought it was cool.

To get out there we rode a little tractor thing out there and it made ruts in the sand. As we got closer to the water the ruts filled with water which we all thought was novel... until we stepped off the little tractor thing into the blasting wind and had to tiptoe around the water filled ruts to the packed sand closer to the water. We all made it except for Sierra who ended up wearing a ziplock baggie on her foot inside her soggy and sandy shoe. Needless to say, Sierra wasn't thrilled with it. : )

We didn't spend too much time out on the beach due to the super wind. We basically got off the tractor thing, made our way to the tip of the beach, took our picture, and scurried back quickly to the tractor thing. We then visted the gift shop like good tourists and headed back into town for ice cream. :) I hope my mom enjoyed it. :) Oh yah, we ate fish balls too. It was kinda like a fish stick, but softer inside ...and shaped like a ball.

The next day my mom left bright and early and 30 hours later she made it home. (only missing one flight along the way). Scotty even misses Nana, which she may or may not believe... :) The first day after she left, Scotty told me he didn't want to come with me to take the girls to school - that he was going to stay with Nana. I had to tell him Nana left. :(

Paul comes home from Germany today. He was gone for a couple days for work... and tomorrow he goes to London with Michaela. I've been planning their trip the last few days (and haven't even begun to plan our Italy trip for next week) ...and I've decided to send them to Oxford, an hour outside of London, so they can see Hogwarts "stuff". I hope they have fun. I hope they end up in Oxford after they use my directions! At the very least Michaela will get a nutella filled crepe on her birthday!!

I will miss her on her birthday. I've spent every one of the last nine birthdays with her. :( I can't believe she is 10!! She is starting to seem grown up. She carries Andrea around the house for me so I can take showers... She brushes Scottys teeth with him... and you should see the story she wrote for school!! It was great! I'll ask if I can post in on here. I couldn't believe how well it was written - and it took her about 20 minutes... (not including the 2 hours of complaining about having to write it though)

I'll do pictures tomorrow. I'm tired... : ) Oh yah, Michaela had her birthday party too... tomorrow I'll tell about it - Good Night!

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