Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For Hilde!

Alright Hilde!!! - I have FOUR CHILDREN! :) Geez, free time just isn't as common these days! ...and what little free time I do have I spend cleaning or cooking or playing cars with Scotty so he knows I remember he exists! So here I am writing! Happy? :) :)

Actually I've been trying to figure out all our upcoming trips. Tomorrow I am taking my mom to lunch in Germany - just because I can. :) Friday is Michaela's birthday party with some friends from school. Sunday I need to get my mom to an airport and my husband to a train station. Next Wednesday Michaela and Paul leave for London and the following Monday we all leave for Italy!

Trips are fine to take, but I HATE trying to find hotels and figure out trains and buses and subways lines... After the first day somewhere and you actually do it you feel more confident and then it's easy. Planning isn't any fun and it stresses me out trying to get the perfect everything. I've stopped planning activities though. For Italy we will see the Tower of Pisa in Pisa, and see the Colluseum and Vactian City in Rome. We will have to plan the rest of the week as we go along. :) With kids it's easier that way anyways. Our sightseeing usually involves more parks and ice cream stands than anything - which is fine, we like to just city but we don't really need all the tourist stops in between.

Kids are all doing great. The girls love swimming and gymnastics. Scotty loves his little play gym too. He is hillarious! Scotty's "gymnastics" is in a gym with about 25 other little 3 year olds. They run around, jump on things, do somersaults, swing on ropes, crash into each other, cry... It's great to watch him! It's probably the favorite hour of my week! It's also funny because it's all in Danish and Scott doesn't understand any of it, he just follows along with the rest of the group. They run in circles - he runs in circles. They clap their hands - he claps his hands. They jump up and down - he jumps up and down. It's very cute. ...and I get to have 45 Scotty-Free-Minutes!

Well, everytime I have a busy few weeks I think "Just get through these few weeks... then it will be easier and more calm." THEN something else comes up and I have another set of weeks that are busy. Next thing I know it will be December and Christmas and I wanted to go back to Paris then. :) I think with the addition of Andrea I've accepted that things will never calm down. But that is fine with me.

and Hi Trini!!!! I miss you lots. I know we haven't had time to talk on the phone - you and that pesky job of yours. :) Who needs those windmills anyways? Turn them all off for a minute and call me! :) My next little post should be all about who Trini is now... because people will ask me! :)

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Anonymous said...

thanks thanks thanks!
at least this way i know how it is going with you, since we hardly ever run into each other anymore (and yes, we still do live in the same city and have children in the same school...) so we do need an extra coffee morning.. but when will we have the time for it ?! : ))))))


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