Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catch Up

I have been so busy I need to catch up on this blogging thing. I'll try to write more - no promises. Andrea is getting bigger... and she laughs. : )

My mUm (mom-in-law) came last weekend with her cousin Peter who is from Australia. They were both only here for a few days, but it was a great visit and we had fun with them. I even earned big bonus mUm points by feeding her her favorite fish, plaice - which I remembered she liked from the last summer when they visited us here... what a thoughtful and caring daughter-in-law I am!!

Then my parents returned from their ten day cruise... They went to Russia, Poland, Sweden, Estonia... and whatever other countries are in between those ones. : ) My dad had to go back to work so he left and my mom gets to stay until the first week of October and by then I'm sure she will welcome the long quiet plane ride home to her nice quiet house.

We've taken my mom (Nana) to the grocery stores, the dump, the deer park, the girls school and gymnastics and swimming lessons... We went downtown for lunch and shopping today. The weather has been perfect and we have a car full time now that Paul has started riding his bike to his new, closer, office building. As soon as it pours rain I'll take her on a two bus ride to and from school so she can see what all my complaing was about before.

My mom is also learning how to go grocery shopping Danish style. Since we've gone to the grocery store every day for the past week I'm sure she'll get better in no time. She has learned that shopping involves looking at pictures on the food and just guessing at what you are buying sometimes. I'm pretty good with most things but I'll post some pictures of things we have eaten last week even though we are still unsure of what they really are...

I do know the potatoey-looking thing is a real live yam/sweet potato. It tasted like the ones I'm used to that grow in the cans. My friend Jill made me eat it. :) She also made me eat a white carrot thing that I can't think of the name... I felt somewhat ignorant of vegetables so I told her about jicamas (pronounced hick-a-ma's) and since she didn't know what that was I felt better about myself. The other green thing was interesting mix of brocolli and cauliflower I think.

Looks like Oatmeal... Feels like Oatmeal.... Definitly does NOT taste like Oatmeal.

I thought this was turkey. But I'm pretty sure it's not. :)

She is still learning the best way to carry 18 one liter milk/juice cartons. Practice makes perfect!

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Ingrid said...

It was nice to say hello to your mum at Friday, but sad I didn't get time to talk to her. How did she like Sweden?
The vegetables on your photo are, as you said, Sweet potato (I like to use it when I cook) and romanesco even called broccolo. Romanesco is a mix of broccoli and cauliflower.
The photos of Andrea are great!
Hugs, Ingrid


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