Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Message from Restaurant

Okay my "International Friends"... sound this out and then tell me what it says. :) It is from a Danish answering machine of a restaurant that I called trying to reservations for that night.

"Tu have a fuling elvant mulhour einskul restaurant a bostult test tunt take away tik it."

HA HA! I just spelled it how it sounded to me. :) I listened to this message for a good six minutes thinking I was on hold and someone would be with me shortly... Then I got bored and started writing out how the Danish words sounded since the message was repeating itself over and over again without stopping. This caused me to actually pay attention to the words closely and I think I heard the words: event, undschool, restaurant, and take away.

I guessed at the word event.
I know undschool is sorry.
restaurant and take away are easy.
and after take away they said "tik it" which I guessed was "that's it". :)

So I think they had an event and the restaurant was closed, but you can get take away and that's it.

Good thing I listened to that for 10 minutes... Then I hung up and went to cook dinner.

I've even taken my phone to the neighbors before and had them listen to others' answering machines because I don't know what they are saying. It's really quite a pain. When I call places I'm not sure if they are closed, or I'm supposed to wait, or maybe even supposed to call another number or push a button! Even my own cell phone... when I call to get my messages it tells me something in Danish, but I'm not sure what - so I just don't get them. I have 23 unread messages. :)

"Po Balubut" update: I said my "po balubut" word today as I was paying for my groceries. I was so suprised how competent I felt! Then she asked me if I wanted my reciept. (I know this only because reciept is said something like "tilling or killing".) I answered with a Danish "Nie Tak" (no thank you). I think this qualifies as an entire conversation in Danish!!

Another "Po Balubut" note: I have been practicing this word for a few days now so in addition to Scotty knowing it I have inadvertantly starting calling Andrea it as a little nickname. :) It is a fun phrase to say - so she's my "Little Po Balubut". Paul came home yesterday and asked what I was calling our daughter and I had to admit, "Little No Cash Back".

AND "these things" ---> " " are quotation marks, Inverted Commas are dumb.

That's all I have for tonight...


Ingrid said...

Thanks for making me laugh SOOOOO much! I really want to write this fun at my blog too!!! I don't want to call you back to earth, but I really don't think "tilling or killing" is right. Reciept is something like "bonge". Hilde, isn't that right??
I think "Little Po Balubut" sounds great, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

The word they used for reciept is probably "kvittering".

Anonymous said...

OMG, how long have you been living in DK and still don't get these things?

HP#1 said...

nej not nie


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