Thursday, September 11, 2008

The cat did it.

Today I purposely destroyed one of the few things that brings my son comfort and happiness. ...and then I blamed it on the cat.

I cut off the top of his pacifier.

Scotty I am so very sorry. I love you very much but you are three now and the pacifier needs to go. As you solemnly pointed out today your pacifier "is not working" anymore and I have to confess that it is my fault. When you looked at me with your big, sad brown eyes I felt like the single worst person in the world. I know you assumed that I, as your mommy, could fix the pacifier and make you feel better... but I can't. I'm sorry Scotty. : (

So Scotty, I'm sorry I broke your pacifier and I'm sorry I lied to you about it. The cat is innocent.

There is a new toy car for you on your train table... and some more yummy chocolate milk in the fridge... and tomorrow we will go to McDonalds for a cheeseburger... and a cookie.

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Ingrid said...

Hi Tara,
Is three years old the "normal" age to stop with pacifier in US? In Sweden they just say you have to stop before you got the permanent teeth, so I think most people try to have their children stop at around four years old.
My children didn't even got pacifiers, I just didn't bought any for them. Am I also a bad mummy? :-)
I think you are a great mum!!!
Hope you have a nice weekend!
PS Maybe he need the pacifier... first he got a little sister who gets lots of attention, then you shouldn't have diapers and then you shouldn't even have pacifier, but the new baby could have it. Life is hard, :-) !


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