Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pay Toll or Feed a Small Country for a Day...

I know I've complained about expensive things here before but I think I've found an all time winner. (5 kr = $1)

Now I'm not that old, but I remember when the toll on the East Bay bridge to San Fransico was $1.00, then it went up to $2.00; and now I think it's up to $4.00 or $5.00 now...

The toll on the bridge to Copenhagen is $41.00 DOLLARS!!!!!!

This isn't a particulary special bridge; nor is it all that long. It's only one level, just a couple lanes in each direction... nothing all that impressive or out of the ordinary. Maybe I'm missing something, perhaps there is something really unique about this bridge, but FORTY ONE DOLLARS!??! I'd think for that much they should have chauffours waiting to get in your car and drive you across the silly bridge while you sit in the backseat sipping champange!

$41.00 - Crazy...

Anyways we went to Copenhagen - across that bridge - Actually my parents rode the train with the three "big" kids and Paul, Andrea, and I drove - across that bridge. We did the sightseeing thing Saturday and Sunday morning then my parents left for their 10 day cruise and we spent the rest of the day at Tivoli. We stayed an extra night and got Andrea's passport and citizenship all worked out ...hopefully. I am supposed to get her passport in 10 days so we'll see what/who I see first: the passport, or the parents. :)



Julie said...

Whoa!! $41! I guess we should not be
complaining about our rising gas
costs too much in the US if you
would need to cross that bridge on
a regular basis there! Yikes!
I hope they pay well in Denmark!
I thought of you the other day though
when I read an article in "Woman's
World" that said Denmark is voted the happiest place!:)

Ingrid said...

Tara, I agree with you. It is very expensive living here in Denmark! We have to cross that bridge at least 10 times a year while living here. Every time when we go to Sweden and we have to cross the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö too. And that one is even more expensive!!!!!!! Well well, hope it was a great "show and tell" with Andrea today?! Hugs, Ingrid.

Anonymous said...

"This isn't a particulary special bridge; nor is it all that long."

Funny that you say the Great Belt Bridge isn't particulary special or that long, because the suspension bridge, known as the East Bridge, has the world's third longest main span (1.6 km).

It is bigger than any suspension bridge in America, only one in Japan and one in China are bigger than the Great Belt Bridge.


Suspension bridge are typically ranked by the length of their main span.

The longest suspension bridge spans in the world
1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (Japan), 1991 m — 1998
2. Xihoumen Bridge (China), 1650 m — 2007
3. Great Belt Bridge (Denmark), 1624 m — 1998
4. Runyang Bridge (China), 1490 m — 2005
5. Humber Bridge (England, United Kingdom), 1410 m — 1981. (The longest span from 1981 until 1998.)
6. Jiangyin Suspension Bridge (China), 1385 m — 1997
7. Tsing Ma Bridge (China), 1377 m — 1997 (longest span with both road and metro)
8. Verrazano Narrows Bridge (USA), 1298 m — 1964. (The longest span from 1964 until 1981.)
9. Golden Gate Bridge (USA), 1280 m — 1937. (The longest span from 1937 until 1964.)
10. Yangluo Bridge (China), 1280 m — 2007

Anonymous said...

The brdige isn't any more expensive than the ferries it replaced in 1998 and it saves more than an hour of travel time each way.

At an estimated cost of DKK 21.4 billion (1998 prices), the link is the largest construction project in Danish history.


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