Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waiting for mUm.

My mother-in-law is coming today, mUm. Yay. She has been traveling all over Europe visiting relatives... not sure exactly where so I'll have to report back about that one. She and her travel partner, her cousin from Australia, will be here for only a couple nights but at least she'll get to see little Andrea and the rest of our herd.

mUm will get to live some typical days with us. She and Canada Papa were here last summer for two weeks so they have seen the sights already; although we may need to take her cousin out. But now mUm will get to go grocery shopping, watch swimming lessons, try to pay our gymnastics bill, go to Andrea's doctor's appointment, and other fun activities! I think I'll also take her on a bus ride to Park Alle and buy her a Danish cup of the. :) I think it's hilarious that tea is called "the". I have no idea how it's pronounced... probably tea.

Speaking of pronouncing, I learned a new Danish phrase. "no cash back" Po BaLuBut I'll try it out tomorrow and impress mUm. I hat buying my groceries because... ugh it's complicated. Okay - Pay attention:

- When you buy something at Safeway they sometimes ask if you want cash back and it would typically be "Would you like cask back?" Five wonderful, distinct words. Here when I buy my groceries they always say "boboluuluubutt" to me. I had no idea what it was but eventually figured out they were asking about getting cash back, so I would say "No". (Assuming they were asking if I wanted cash back). After I said No then they would just stare at me for a long time... Sometimes they would say something else and I'd stammer though my "Oh, I'm sorry, I only speak English." and they would just move on.

HAHA - Turns out that here they ask "Do you want to only pay the amount.", opposed to "Do you want cash back?"... So if you don't want cash back you should say "Yes." But I was saying "No" and they were waiting to hear how many kroners I wanted back. UGH. So I eventually started saying Yes and felt really proud of myself. BUT sometimes they didn't say the bolulubutt word... they would just look at me... For a while I tried to ignore them of become involved with a conversation with Scotty so they would know I'm a no-Danish speaking American.

THEN I learned I am supposed to say the bolulubutt word first and then they will continue on with the transaction. SO I enlisted the help of some Danish speakers and 10 minutes later I can say Po BaLuBut. WHEEEEE... it means "on amount"

I also have another phrase that I've known for a while - it means "I think you speak very good Danish." I said it to Michaela the other day and she knew I was said the words: I, speak, good, and Danish! I was impressed she knew it. I guess I should be impressed I said it good enough for her to understand!

Okay - I'm off to re-tape our Welcome signs... for the 30th time!


Anonymous said...

Hey another word you can add to your danish words you are able to pronounce: the is pronounced like the letter t and then the Ay like in away... tay!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tara, Hilde was showing the pobulubut experience, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. You have a great way of writing your day to day experiences in Denmark. Maybe we should make a movie "Americans in Denmark", I 'm almost sure it would be a blockbuster.

Ingrid said...

Hi Tara!
Your writing here is just wonderful. You have a great writing skill. I agree in everything Koenraad says! Maybe you could write in an American magazine every week....? And all americans could laugh about all the strange an stupid things over here.
See you! Ingrid

Ingrid said...

One more comment from me... What a GREAT present you have planned for Michaela!! She and Paul will have a wonderful time in London! I think we (as well as Hilde & Eli) will join too!
Regarding the math I guess you exaggerated a bit, but that one, 7x8 was hard in our family too, until my mum told them the answer is 56, so they should only think about the numbers 5,6,7,8, easy :-) .

HP#1 said...

yes it is tea

HP#1 said...



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