Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nana & Papa Arrived!

I did forget to mention that my parents did arrive safely. Sorry... Nana and Papa got here late Monday night and were happy to go to bed after traveling for over 24 hours. So they did make it and are now adjusting to the nine hour time difference. :)

We celebrated Scotty's birthday on Tuesday so Nana and Papa could watch the fun. He opened all his presents and was most happy to have his own set of tools so he can fix things and screw in little screws. He loves his hammer and knows how to use the saw. :) He also loves his new car road rug.

Wednesday we drove to Billund to go to Legoland. We were a little concerned the weather would be terrible since it POURED the whole way there but it turned out okay. There was a few downpours throughout the day but we managed to work around them and didn't get too wet; it wasn't even cold and the sun even came out a few times! So due to the less than ideal weather we had the park to ourselves and often rode rides 2 or 3 times without even getting off the ride! It was perfect!

Today (Thursday) my parents went to Den Gamel By, an old style town from long ago. We also did some shopping and they got to experience the crazy prices of Danish items. Nothing like buying a 5 dollar loaf of bread to make you appreciate Safeway!

My Special Accomplishment of the Day: I got Andrea's Danish birth certificate. It took some convincing for them to put her middle name in the middle name section instead of listing it as a second first name. I didn't understand the reasoning of why they didn't want to list it as a middle name but I eventually said "Can you just please do it?" ...and the nice lady did it. :) So I have my papers ready for Copenhagen tomorrow. The next major task is to take Andrea's passport pictures!! That should be interesting!


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