Monday, September 1, 2008

Need Passport!

Oops. While starting to plan out our Italy trip last night I realized my newest daughter doesn't have a passport. AHHHHH!!! ...and guess who will have to stay home with her if she can't go??! :)

During my fun filled seven hours at the wonderful Danish hospital giving birth, I wasn't asked to fill out any paperwork stating I had a child. I just showed up, told them I was having a baby, and then later left with an additional person in tow. (However, Andrea was assigned a Danish CPR number before the umbilical cord was cut. No exaggeration either. Too bad they can't provide epidurals as quickly as they can provide CPR#s.)

Anyways... I was supposed to register her at our local church. I found the church, filled out the forms, and mailed them in; but the forms did not ask for her name... (which is probably why up until now I have been secretly debating over changing it! AHH! Only Mom and mUm know that secret!)

ANYWAYS... I now need a Danish birth certificate *with her name on it*, but nobody in Denmark has asked for her name yet! (By the way, Her name has been confirmed as Andrea Noelle Happy.)

A N Y W A Y S... I can't take her to the US embassy without this Danish birth certificate and I really want to go to Italy in 6 weeks. (on the other hand... if I were to get an entire 7 days with JUST me and her and no other screaming kids - that may be a pretty good vacation too.)

So there is my problem that I hope I can solve. We are going to Copenhagen this weekend anyways so I hope to get an appointment for Monday. Since USA is #1 I'm sure they will be able to produce a passport in record time for us. :)

I'm off to go finish cleaning Michaela's room so my parents will have somewhere to sleep tonight!

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