Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cell phones and Bus to Aarhus

I've answered these questions for more than one person who has come across my blog in an attempt to figure out how to move to Denmark. :) So my new plan is to answer these questions here in the blog so maybe it will help someone else. ...and anyone else can give their own advice too.

Taxi from Aarhus Airport:
Taxi to downtown Aarhus from airport... At least $75.00 I'm guessing. Airport to downtown is about 30 minutes. I'm not exactly sure, but a 15 minute taxi ride from Aarhus to our house is always around $40.00. If you want to take a taxi, call me, I'll pick you up in exchange for a can of cream of celery and a box of lucky charms! :) What a deal!!

They do have an airport "shuttle" bus... a blue one... called the "airbus". I think? It goes directly to the main train station where you can get a train or any bus in town. It leaves from the airport 20 minutes or so after every plane lands. I think you can buy a ticket on the bus? For some reason I want to say a ticket costs ~$30.00. If you call the aarhus airport they can give you details on times and cost and HOW to pay. You might need kroner. I take no responsibility if you show up and my bus info is not valid. :)

Buses are great here. They go everywhere, I had never rode on a bus until coming here and it's been a fine way to get around... almost more convenient than my car.

There is also a tourist information place near the train station. It's not inside, if you are looking at the front of the station... go right, past all the bikes.... across the street. They have bus maps, etc.

Cell phone:
I made a cell phone store man very mad one day when I interrupted him trying to sell an phone to a student who wanted a phone for only a few months... I couldn't sit there and listen to this poor teenager get ripped off. He was totally being lied to! Prepaid minutes is the best way to go. I paid $150 for a used phone and minutes that lasted me an entire year. If your cell phone is unlocked you can just get a Danish chip that will give you a Danish number and you are set. I think any phone store sells them and every grocery store sells "more minutes".

If your cell phone is NOT unlocked I know a place that will unlock it for 100 kroner ($20). :) ...they can also sell you a chip with a danish phone number and help you set it up in English too. This is where I went. It's a small and weird store ...almost in a basement of an alley. :) ...but the guy is helpful and has cheap phones. ...and when my phone broke after a couple months he replaced it for free.

I use Lebara. I think it's the most common. (...maybe Telia?) ...and Lebara to Lebara phone calls are free.


Anonymous said...

Airport bus to/from Aarhus

One way ticket prices:
Adult Dkk 90.00
Child (4-15 years) Dkk 65,00
Senior Dkk 75,00

The following credit cards are accepted on the Airport bus:
Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and JCB.

Besides credit cards and Danish kroner they accept the following foreign currencies (no coins, banknotes only):
Euro, £, US$, Nkr., Skr. and Chf.

Time table Airport bus: Aarhus - Aarhus Airport:

PDF bus plans and maps for all Århus city buses (the yellow buses):

Pete said...

DKK 90 = USD 17.5

willcor said...

The airport bus is 90 kroner one way (65 for children) (US$18 / US$13) and they take Visa and Mastercard on the bus. Journey time's about 45 minutes and it goes to the main rail station. The ticket also covers you on buses and trains out to zone four for two hours after boarding, so hold onto it.

If you're going to make ten journeys (or two people are making 5 journeys, etc.) buy a 'clipper card' for 700 kroner. They sell that on the bus too.

Anonymous said...

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