Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Hamburg Home

Here it is!!!!

It's a very unique house. :)

My favorite part is that this house is 800 meters from the school. Can you say, "Bye kids, have a nice walk to school... see you when you walk yourselves BACK HOME!!!" :)

It's even a few minute walk from a train station! :) Yippie!

Of course we can only afford this home in the neighborhood of mansions because it is an "apartment". It's really just a HUGE house and the owner, an older lady, lives on the very bottom floor. We get the top two floors... 185 square meters... whatever that means. I understand size in terms of rooms.

So, rooms. It has many, many rooms. :) The four on the very top floor will be the kids living quarters. There is also a kids kitchen. Hmmmm.... ?? But I guess this means an extra oven if I ever need it, OR it means it will be Michaela's kitchen and she can feed the kids. They could survive up there.... all on their own... :) There are also sinks in two of the bedrooms. ...don't know why, but this should solve the arguments over who gets to brush their teeth first. The rooms are pretty big too. ...and a bathroom is up there. So the top floor is the KID AREA. :)

The second floor is: our bedroom, a big bathroom, the kitchen... which we can fit a small bench table in or something... but for eating dinner as a family we will adjourn to the eating room.... Next to the living room. There is then another random room and another random room... I'm thinking - Guest room and Toy Room.

...and two balconies, one in the front and one in the back. AND a HUGE yard... AND a garage with automatic garage door opener. AND a gated driveway that has an automatic opener too! :)

It's an old, interesting house... I'm sure it has quite the history. I wish everyone that had ever lived in it had written a little something about it. It would be interesting.

So I'm done bragging about our house. Oh wait... it has carpet and a bath tub. Okay, now I'm done.

I can go and write Christmas cards now because I now have a return address to give people. :)


Ingrid said...

Isn't it great that they catagorized a house as an appartment so you could afford it :)) . We will come and visit. I looks great and the closeness to school is worth A LOT.

DreaminginDanish said...

sounds fantastic! especially the BATHTUB!! woohoo!!

Monica said...

What a great place to have children...and I have to admit...I am sooo jealous you have CARPET!!! ;)


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