Tuesday, January 19, 2010

per Meter

Big party this weekend... at my house. Paul is having his "Going Away Party" with his work group... and it is here. 16 adults, 10 kids... fun times. :)

Yesterday I bought new plates since at our big party last weekend I was short one plate... I had to wash one to serve the last person... we are cool like that.

Today I decided I needed a tablecloth to go with my plates. Long story. Just trust me, I needed a tablecloth. Off I go with Andrea to buy one. La la la la la...

I found one I wanted. It was too expensive. 180 kroner. $35. I kept looking, no way would I pay $35 for a tablecloth!!! I found the same one at another store... still too expensive but cheaper than the last store so I decided I'd buy it since I was a bargain shopper and obviously found a deal at only $30. AND my husband has told me numerous times that if it will make me happy I can buy it. :) So he had technically pre-approved this purchase.

Following my husband's recommendation to buy things that make me happy, I told the saleswoman I wanted to buy the tablecloth. She rolled it off and cut it for me... and as she was cutting I realized that the price was... per meter. I needed four meters.

So because my husband told me to buy this tablecloth I accidentally spent $100. At least I'm happy, right Happy?

Tablecloths here must be a cool thing to have in Denmark though. Stores have lots of these big rolls outside their stores and the tablecloths are rolled up like wrapping paper on them. There are a zillion different patterns and colors and most are pretty darn tacky. I wonder if most people use tablecloths on a daily basis. Why are there so many choices? We hardly ever use a tablecloth. We only use them when we bring out out the not pretty folding table...

Nobody better spill anything on my tablecloth that's all I have to say.

(it's not purple, it's dark blue...) :)


PiNG aka Patti said...

Oh ouch! But hey, it's for HIS party!

DreaminginDanish said...

I second Patti - no need for guilt when it's for HIS party :)

C and H Romenesko said...

Can't wait to see the new tablecloth! Any chance it's lined in gold???

Oh, and it's snowing out...just in time for my trip north!

Ingrid said...

This is really fun :) . I just wonder how much you expected to get for the price... the whole roll?
Why didn't you just bought a paper tablecloth? We use that when we are having lots of people coming over. It is not as nice as real ones, but it is cheaper :-) .
We use tablecloth for daily basis, but it is the wax cloth variant that is easy to clean of with a wet 'towel'. I think we use it for 'saving' the wooden table... Yeah, you see we do lots of things without knowing why, like closing the bathroom door.
Well, now you have a nice tablecloth for all your parties in Germany. Are we invited?

I LOVE YOU said...
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