Friday, January 1, 2010

To sell

Okay, This list has circulated around a bit and since our time in Hamburg is quickly disappearing I'm posting it to Facebook to see if anyone else is interested!  :)

First of all we have a car.  :)  It's a BMW 2006 Diesel Touring.  - 11,500 euros
147,000km.  It's sparkling graphite colored ...which translates to grey.  It has tan leather interior ...because who wants to look at a dark interior on a dark Hamburg day.  :)  If you are interested I can email you all the details.  Car is green sticker-ed,  just passed his state test, and had his breaks replaced.  

New.  Electric Fan heater.  10 euros

Couch/Fold out Double Bed -  400 euros
Microfiber.  Never really used as a couch so it's clean.  It just sits in our spare bedroom until we turn it into a bed for guests.  My mom slept on it for three weeks and didn't complain ...and she would have if it was uncomfortable.  :)  I just found the "couch paperwork"... turns out he's Italian..  :) 
Here is the ottoman that goes with the couch.  It's the same color...  flash didn't go off.

New curtain rods... 5-15 euros
...because if you lose your receipt you can't return stuff to IKEA; even if you haven't opened it.

Computer Monitor #1 - 120 euros
17" with (resolution 1024 x 1280)  with built in speakers. (American Plug).
Computer Monitor #2

Computer Monitor #2 -  $175 euros
21" samsung resolution (1200 x 1600)  This one is special because the screen swivels around and makes it vertical opposed to horizontal.  See? Cool huh?  ;)

Ouuuhhh...  a Danish light.  Think of how trendy you could be!!  I believe it mounts onto the wall and accordions out.  Comes with a paper lamp shade. 5 euros

The long anticipated picture of the helicopter light.  :)  10 euros

Here's the couch again, you know you want it....

Light.  Probably IKEA 5 euros.

Closet - 300 euros
 Mirror doors.  Has hanging bar and four sliding out drawers... 

Big wardrobe closet.  500 euros 

Avent Baby Monitor.   50 euros.
New was 120, ugh...

Two bathroom things...  :)  Drawers and shelves.  20 euros each. They are IKEA, but the cheaper brand.

20 euros European Bed that fits American sheets for some reason. Two drawers below that pull out on rollers...  

Froggy Potty.  Has been peed in.  :)  10 euros.

Tall paper light...  really bright unless you only put in one light bulb.  :)  5 euros  we have two. It's not IKEA if that means anything to anyone.

Moon light.  5 euros  I guess we also have a sun ceiling light that goes with it.

Desk on rollers.  20 euros... the corner is a little ugly from a sticker so maybe just 10 euros

Several boring ceiling lights 5 euros each

Ice Machine.  Makes soft, crunchy ice!  50 euros.  Brand NEW!  It's our second one that we never used because we bought a big freezer.  New batch of ice every 12 minutes  :)
Here's a better picture of the ice maker.

Toddler bed.  Dog and Cat on it.  From IKEA 40 euros.
Kritter series.  It's a dog and cat on top... that you could take out and paint pink if you wanted.  :)KRITTER Bed frame with slatted bed base IKEA
- I didn't take a picture, but we also have a "half bunk bed" know the one with a slide attached.

Pink potty that sings when pee-pees go into it.... but you can turn off the sound .  :)  The top flips down and it turns into a stool.  WHOO HOO.  :)  10 euros.

Oops.  We bought too many Christmas toys.  This is a big Littlest Pet Shop house/ playground thing.  20 euros.  New and never opened.

Hanging pink light.  A dragonfly?  It's cute with it's light bulb head.  :) 10 euros

Good ole IKEA red light.  10 euros.

My Special Bodum Water Heater Upper.  :)
It only makes two cups of hot water at a time, but it's small and cute and the perfect size for me.  It's off white.
25 euros.

Tefal Fondue pot.  50 euros
I think Tefal is Teflon... because nothing sticks to it.  It just wipes clean.   You can adjust the temperature and boil water in it.

Coolest desk light around.  30 euros...  because I kinda want to take it home with us, not sell it.  :)
It's NOT ikea.
Don't buy it unless you will love it forever.  :)

Water heater upper...  5 euros.

It's skinny.  50 euros.

Fold out desk thing.  

Curtain section.   I have yellow, red, and brown ....  We have curtain rods, poles and sliders and any attachments you can think of.    :)

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