Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am cool like Kelli now. See... I'm as cool as ice... :) hee hee (I'm also pretty pleased with myself for figuring out that whole link thing.)

I saw Kelli's ice maker on her blog and decided my husband could have one since he just bought me a super deluxe latte maker!! See my mother's day gift.... :)
So I went online and with the help of a Danish friend ordered this Ice Maker! I ordered it at 10:00am on Tuesday and it showed up on my doorstep at 1:00pm Wednesday!

It was a bit bigger than I thought. :) But I guess I didn't really think... I was envisioning a toaster sized appliance to nicely sit on a little table next to Paul's seat at the dinner table the corner and out of the way. :) It was a little bigger than that.This was a father's day present but I wanted to make sure that if Daddy didn't like it we could return it, because I never would have thought I would have paid so much to freeze water!! So Happy better make sure he likes these ice cubes :)

The kids all love it. The ice comes out with a hole in the middle, like a tall bowl. They put an ice cube on a Popsicle stick and eat it. Maybe we'll save money on real popsicles? Maybe I could put juice in it instead of water?


Mads and Kelli said...

YEAH FOR ICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingrid said...

Your ice machine is HUGE! I am impressed about that you found that in Denmark... it must be imported from US :-) .
Thanks for inviting us today! All of us had lots of fun and the cookies last all the evening and we still have some left. After a while they wanted to eat just the frosting, than I realized they have had enough :-) .
See you!

Lisa said...

Ahhh ice!!!! Love it!


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