Saturday, May 16, 2009

Game Night

It was fun. Only because my team won. :)

We played lots of games, but since it was at my house and I'm short one spouse I had kids to run off to deal with a kid every so often. So I officially played one game. Cranium. It was hard. YOU try to build Noah's Ark out of clay!! :)

It was hilarious because of everyones' international backgrounds, their varying ability to speak the English language, and knowledge of what certain words even meant. :) It was at a previous game night that someone sculpted a penguin out of clay, but they were supposed to be making a dolphin. :) Penguin, Dolphin... what's the difference to someone who has been speaking English for only a year!!

So we had lots of "skip that one" cards. :) Sometimes the other moms would say their answer in their own language and someone else would help translate it. :) Too funny, it worked though and I now know that PEZ was invented in Austria and is named after some German peppermint-ish sounding word. I also know that you can buy PEZ in Denmark. I ALSO know that my HUSBAND can buy CIRCUS PEANUTS AT TARGET!! :)

Here's a picture of Scotty at Tivoli. His look is one of concentration, not fear. He LOVED the little bumper cars. At first he thought the bumping was hilarious and would laugh hysterically anytime anyone bumped anyone. However, after about six turns he decided bumping wasn't fun and then we had some pretty traumatic turns (...him crying in the middle of the track being bumped from every direction.) So we sat out a couple turns and the little Driving Monster was allowed back only if he agreed not to cry. He didn't cry and another ten turns later we finally had to drag him away... He LOVED it. :)

...and there are no lines at Tivoli so it was a continual ride for him, interrupted only by the sprint: from his car, out the exit, around the corner, back through the line, and back to his car. I found a place to sit and just watched...


Kelli Nørgaard said...

yeah for game night!! I can imagine how "cultural" of an experience it was for everyone!!!!

C and H Romenesko said...

Too funny! We also brought Cranium with us and do lots of...skip that one...oohhh pick another one. I love cranium and can see a tourney in the future??? girls against boys...oh, i rock, so we'd win!!!

Ingrid said...

It was a great gameevening! I love playing games and I am so happy to find all you friend over here sharing that interest :-) . Even if I don't know that many songs...
Hope you children are doing better now!


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