Friday, May 22, 2009

New friends and Cookies!

I made more friends. YAY. Kelli and Monica from Herning came out to make cookies with Ingrid and me! (oh, and a few kids and a cute little dog were involved...) :) You may need to check in on her blog for pictures too.I was focused on cookies so I neglected the camera. :(I was happy to finally meet Kelli, I think she is seriously one of the sweetest people ever made, even her dog was perfectly behaved. : ) AND she brought over some coveted macaroni and cheese for the kids so she has an open invitation to return anytime!! I know understand how she can be so positive about E V E R Y T H I N G. :)

So Kelli and Monica, thanks for driving all the way out here and I hope you enjoyed your candy covered cookies! AND Holly TAK for the magazines! I read one all ready, but I will now ration them out to myself as special treats. :)

I think after this summer we should do a monthly "Magazine/Book Swap Date" with everyone we know/type to. I cope with Denmark much better following these little "play dates".


honeypiehorse said...

Good for you! None of my bloggie friends ever drives out to see me. Glad you had fun.

Mads and Kelli said...

You have no idea how awesome this was to read...
what a great thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning!

Will you send me Ingrid´s email address because I have MANY other pics I want to send you 2 from our day together!!

C and H Romenesko said...

Glad you are enjoying the magazines. Feel free to pass them along to anyone who might be interested. I'll have another stack when I return from the US later this summer. Best wishes!


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