Thursday, May 7, 2009

Michaela and Sierra

Michaela and Sierra are great.

I am sick. I feel terrible and Paul is gone so this leaves me at home with four kids. I've had offers from help from all my wonderful friends here, but in all honesty I've been able to function; I just haven't been happy about it. ...but if I get stuck I know who I can call. :)

But last night was pretty bad so Michaela and Sierra took over Mommy Duty. They made macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and bread for dinner. They fed Scotty and took care of him while I got to take a nap with Andrea. Michaela helped Sierra with her homework. Sierra helped Scotty go potty. When I woke up from my nap Michaela took Andrea and Sierra made lunches for the next day. When it was time to put Andrea to bed I went to bed with her around 8:30pm. Sierra and Michaela put themselves and Scotty to sleep.

I woke up at 10:00pm and found everyone asleep, lunches in the fridge, and only a small mess in the kitchen. :) So I went back to bed. Thanks for helping guys... ROOT BEET FLOATS AND GUFS FOR YOU!!! :)

But no trip to Germany today. :( Paul will come back here.

Unrelated questions:
- Corn meal. Can I get it here? What's it called? I want to make corndogs and I almost used cornstarch.
- Laundry detergent. My plan was to import more "Tide with bleach"... but it's heavy, so any ideas for a good laundry detergent from Denmark or Germany? I'm now willing to try.


honeypiehorse said...

Ralf's leaving for the US tomorrow so I'll be alone with sick kids who are too young to make mac cheese. . . sounds like you're doing great even though it's no fun.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Cornmeal... from a good southern girl... lol.
IT DOES NOT EXIST in the RIGHT way here! so what I have done is made my own. I found the"Danish cornmeal" which is the same texture as baby powder and the Organic version which is a bit like SAND...and mixed them in a large ziploc which I shook and shook until they were really mixed well! Then added a couple TBSP of sugar... and then I put it in jars to use later.
Not exactly the same, but CLOSE!

Anonymous said...

In Norway I can find cornmeal at just about any middle eastern market.

Archaeogoddess said...

I found organic "majsmel" in the organic dry food section that works great in my cornbread. Yeah, it's about the texture as baby powder so if you want it a bit more, er, heavy, you'll need to follow Kelli's suggestion. Only for me the sandy stuff "majsgryn" is the non-organic kind found in the foreign food section... odd. Guess it depends on the store. Most of my recipes that require cornmeal also have sugar as part of the ingredients, so I don't add any to my cornmeal jar.

For laundry detergent I use the Coop Änglamark Bluecare White or Bluecare Color. It's perfume and dye free and since I have allergies, it works great for me. (And you can use it to clean pots!!)

Michaela and Sierra rock!

Anonymous said...

Buy some Coop Änglamark Bluecare.
This is the test winner from Denmark's consumer organisation's magazine Tænk:
Best washing efficeincy in the test and, without parfume and environmental friendly too.

The Änglamark brand is Coop's own brand and only sold in Coop owned supermarket chains.
Coop own the following supermarkets chains: Kvickly, Kvickly xtra, SuperBrugsen, Dagli'Brugsen, LokalBrugsen, Fakta,
Irma, Irma City.

I have often seen big rebates for 5 packs of Coop Änglamark Bluecare in the local SuperBrugsen.

Ingrid said...

It is wonderful to hear about the girls. At those times you get payback for everything you have put in before :-)) . I have the same experience from our children. When it is really needed, they know what to do and do it. It makes my mum heart big and warm. We are blessed!


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