Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Friends!

I made new friends today! YAY. I like to make new friends. (I like to have lunch with the old ones too. Thanks for everyone who has eaten with me this week!) :)

A new family is starting at the international school so they came over today so our kids could meet up and "play". "Play" means discuss Harry Potter and look for bugs in the backyard.

We moms "toodled" as Sierra would say. "Toodle" means sit and talk. My new mommy friend didn't make me self-conscious about my floor that was covered in toys and crushed cheerios ... so she can even come over again. (I don't bother inviting people over if I feel I have to excessively clean my house for them... love me, love my chaos.)

All the kids were so great together and even Scotty was "tantrum-free". Pretty successful day if I do say so myself!

Denmark's not so bad when you have friends. :)

ALL my friends will come over for our monthly "Mommy Game Night" tomorrow. Well, not all my friends I guess... just the ones who love me the most. :)

My favorite friend Happy is back in the States though. He had to go all the way there just to get a pretty stamp in his passport or Mr. USA said they would take away his hard-earned Green Card. Dumb, but I get an extra suitcase full of "goodies" so it all works out in the end. He'll be home on Monday. (Which, if you are paying attention, leaves me alone with all the kids for my Mommy Game Night... So Michaela and Sierra and a friend from school will babysit little Scotty and Andrea upstairs. I will pay them with Root Beer Floats.)

night night...


honeypiehorse said...

Sounds like fun - I love the cat picture.

Strictly said...

Sounds like a great new friend!

Should have been me *sniff*!

Ingrid said...

Yes, it was a great day yesterday! Thanks for the company and the ride! I'm coming over tonight and it will be FUN.
I'll bring a sleepingbag and a pillow for Malin. What about mattress, do you have an extra or should I bring one?

'Babs' said...

"Denmark's not so bad when you have friends. :)"

That's so weird you should say that! I was thinking the same thing!

Also weird, I met up with a new friend today and she was great fun too!


C and H Romenesko said...

We always have room for more friends! Great to hear you made a new friend. I also sent your blog to another Aarhus lady...maybe she'll contact you.

Too bad hubs couldn't go to the embassy in cph, but a load of US goodies is always a good thing!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I forgot to ask... what is the full list of things you gave Paul to bring back?!?!

and yeah for new friends!!! I am so happy for you! and I WILL make it to one of those nights before you move back to Cali!

you-know-who said...

2 rootbeer floats
1 guf


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