Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Kid ER

Scotty has been sick. I took him to the doctor. I officially hate my doctor. If you are ever searching for a doctor in Aarhus, Denmark; email me, I will tell you where NOT to go. I won't continue to complain about my doctor though, that would make me a victim... :) Monday morning I will go to the borgerservice and get a new doctor... and maybe mention that mine is a loser.

Anyways.... Scott had a fever for a few days, and it has seemed to be a common thing for him over the past few months. He'll just have a fever and seem so tired and not want to eat, but nothing else is the matter. Then, as soon as I'm ready to take him to the doctor after a few days, he is fine again. ?? This time his fever was actually making him feel sick so I scheduled him an appointment. Now, it's not this one particular incident that really concerns me... it's the continual fevers that I don't like. Usually I wait for the after hours doctor to open and go there, but I decided to give my "doctor" another try.

Long story short, we ultimately ended up in the after hours clinic three days after our "doctor's" appointment because the penicillin that Scotty was given was seeming to make the fevers worse... and he became very scared of "scary tiny things" that I can't see. :(

The after hours clinic sent us to an "Emergency Room for kids". The doctor said it was where the "really sick kids with bad diseases go"...... Now..... Had I heard that statement a year ago I would have been very scared, but I knew enough to know this was probably just a translation miscommunication... she was not suggesting Scott had a bad disease.

We went to the ER at Skejby Hospital (where Andrea was born) at 9:00pm. It was a very cute ER. It had toys and window art and little footprints on the floor. They saw us immediately and gave us our own waiting room with a bed, chairs, some toys, and our own selection of juices. They also gave Scotty a Popsicle. This made Scotty happy.

Then the nurse came in and did some things that didn't make Scotty happy... took his temperature, took some blood, gave him medicine... I eventually got Scott calmed down after all that... We both laid down on his little hospital bed, he draped his little arm around me and fell asleep. :( Scotty and I slept while we waiting for the results of his blood tests and for the doctor.

At 11:30pm the doctor came in and asked me lots of questions and examined Scotty again, who was not happy to be awake... I was happy to have someone to tell all my concerns too.

Scotty's tests were normal and he seems happier today. He's still taking the penicillin and has three more days of it. He still sees "tiny things", but they are not always scary... mostly only scary at bedtime, but he "sees" them throughout the day. I don't know what that is all about but I think I will go visit the little kid ER tomorrow to talk to them about it.


Strictly said...

Poor baba - hope he gets over this.

Archaeogoddess said...

Poor kid! And poor mama for wanting to get to the bottom of all this and having to wait!

That's nice to hear about the kiddy ER - I remember being little in the grown-up ER and it was very scary. Come to think of it, it still is.

honeypiehorse said...

Y'know one of my kids was more fever prone than the other when small. It's like each person has one area of relative weakness like having a sensitive stomach, with me it's repiratory and I never get fevers. Glad all is well now.

Ingrid said...

Poor you. I think you should change doctor. Have you asked everybody around and found out somebody who is happy about their doctor? So far we are happy with ours... Lægerne i Tranbjerg.
What is ER?
See you! One of the days you suggested will be fine. I will e-mail you later on today.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Poor Scotty! But I am glad you found a place who is KID FRIENDLY! this idea of being stuck with your dr, is so different to me... and to have to go through a formal process to switch...CRAZY!

'Babs' said...

Could it be chicken pox? I know this may sound like a weird thing to suggest, but some kids have it without any great rash, but the hallucinations etc can come. Chicken pox always seems to make kids see the 'little things'.

I hope you are getting through this, and LOL, I have one or two guesses as to who the mad doc is!!

Ingrid: ER is emergency room...I think...


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