Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More ER (Emergency Room)

I've changed my mind though... I've decided it's not really an Emergency Room. It's more like a place where doctors have more time to spend with you, they can run tests on you, you can sleep there... like a little doctor hotel where you check in for as long as your appointment lasts. Emergency Room sounds scary... We'll call it the "Little Doctor Hotel". Scotty even thought it was a hotel because we slept there for a while...

Anyways... Scotty was still seeing "tiny things" on Monday (and his fever was completely gone). He tries to grab them and you can tell he is actually focused on them when they are "there"... I think they are dots because I drew a picture of dots and asked if that is what the "tinys" are.

Him seeing spots at random times concerned me so I called the Hospital back to ask them about it. They said to bring him in... so off we went. I had to promise Scotty a hundred times that nobody would poke him and make him bleed, and it makes me happy he believed me and went along willingly. He was also happy to get a chance to play with all the toys he didn't feel like playing with before.

Long story short again... The same doctor happened to be there, she met with us for an hour or so: asking us questions, talking to Scotty, playing games to watch his movements, taking his blood pressure, checking his eyes and heart... He's fine. :) ....and I am the paranoid mother from America.

I felt better leaving the Little Doctor Hotel this time... she said he was healthy and Scotty was skipping along was eating an ice cream.

AND I changed my doctor today. It was very simple, I just told the lady at the library/borgerservice the name of the new doctor I wanted, but did cost 165 kroner!! ($32)... Come to think of it, I didn't fill out a single form... just paid them and my new CPR cards will hopefully all come in the mail...

I guess $32 isn't that bad, but I did leave Paul at the old doctor because I didn't want to pay $64.00. :) I just changed myself and all the kids were free to change too. :) Sorry Paul, don't get sick! Odds are he'd get sick in Germany anyways... He's there this week, was there last week, and will be there next week. :/ We are going to drive down on Thursday to hang out in his super nice hotel since the kids are out of school on Friday. This trip will probably backfire on him though because I'll see the 4 star hotel he is at while I am living in the squallor of my 4 kid house.


PiNG aka Patti said...

Maybe the sunlight in Denmark has been causing spots in front of his eyes?

C and H Romenesko said...

Enjoy your trip to DE. If you're passing through Flensburg, stop at CittiPark grocery store...my favorite!! And then there is this crazy little circus store that has cheap diet pepsi...my one indulgence, every so often!

Glad to hear Scotty is feeling better. When I was younger I told my mom to iron the walls because they were wrinkly...the darn things fevers will do to your mind!

honeypiehorse said...

The new doctor sounds much better. Have fun in Germany.

Ingrid said...

Ok, now I know what ER is. Thank you. Good to hear Scotty is better!
Can we have our lunchdate tomorrow instead of today? I have sent you and e-mail too. See you!

Garkbit said...

I wonder if your old doctor was this guy?



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