Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corn Dogs!! Yippie

First attempt at a corn dog --------------------------> Final corn dog made. They gradually got a little better. :)

HA. I tried to make corn dogs. I'll try again, but I'm willing to share my first attempt. This is something that one shouldn't have to make from scratch... right up there with pie dough. Just go to Safeway, pay $6, take your frozen box of 20 corn dogs home, microwave one for 60 seconds, ENJOY!!!

Making them from scratch was a long and messy process that in theory was simple enough, but let's just say this was the trial run - now we have a better idea of what to do.

First "oopsie" as Scotty would call it... I made the oil so hot that the needle on the thermometer sped past 180 and did another loop and passed 180 again... and that little needle never really stopped. I didn't realize oil could be so hot!! (and yes I've been told it will explode, that would have been "big oopsie #2".)

I simply thought that the corn dog would just cook faster for my hungry children in the hotter oil so I plopped the hot dog in. ...The moment that wiener hit the oil it turned dark brown and the stick burnt in half. At this point we determined hot oil to be one of the most dangerous things ever brought into this house and the kids were banned from entering the kitchen for the rest of the cooking process.

We cooled off the oil for a good 30 minutes and tried again. It went okay after that. Nobody got burnt so as far as I'm concerned it was a success. Scotty did eat three of these creations, but then again, he probably can't remember what a real corn dog tastes like. The girls gave their approval, maybe we'll try again... maybe.


This was my great plan to make "mini corn dogs". Before I started this I envisioned freezing them and later just heating them up as a wonderful afternoon snack. HA. I ended up just dumping them all in at once and stirring like a giant oil & hot dog soup.


Archaeogoddess said...

You are a brave and wonderful mom! What oil did you use and how much of it? I think I'll just hold off on making those... I can see oopsie #2 happening to me.

honeypiehorse said...

Oje. Have you tried sink dogs? Basically you hold cold hot dogs under hot water until they warm enough to serve and voila. Or maybe you should just come over for some Tim Tams.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

you are the ultimate mom!!!

however, the idea of weiny soup just makes me grimace...lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

; sdvd

Anonymous said...

How funny!!! Great minds think alike!! I'd have ate a whole bunch of them anyways...and the corn dog soup, but living here for 6 months messes with your mind! :)


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