Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Came!

Santa is awesome. :) Scotty said so. I tried to explain that we got him some presents too; he responded with, "yah, but Santa made them so the store could have them or you couldn't buy them." I just had to smile and say okay. :)

This Christmas Michaela was the first to wake up. I think she had set her alarm for 6:00am ...but according to my strict instructions she was not to wake me up before Andrea did. Of course Little Andrea woke up shortly thereafter and the other two kids quickly followed. Then the day began!
WOW! Scotty was the most excited to see that Santa had left him a huge magnet ball track that even I, myself, was pretty impressed with. I have a feeling it will remain on the coffee table for many weeks to come. Oh Good. :) Andrea loves stealing the balls from it and running off with them, making for some impressive showdowns between Scotty and his little sister. :)

Michaela and Sierra did pretty well in the gift department with "apple computer" gifts. We have decided that an ipod that we can download endless free games on is much better than the Nintendo DS... and it costs about the same too - BUT the games are free... or at the very most 2 or 3 dollars - AND all the games are always in it. So that is my advice.... skip the DS and get an iTouch for your kids. :) Plus, you can get your email on it... and watch movies! :)

It was a fun Christmas, and it even snowed... after it rained for a while. :) We cooked our turkey dinner. (Paul touched the turkey.) We had sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes... YUM. And we opened our Christmas crackers... Crackers are a tradition Happy brought with him. I had never heard of them before. It's a British thing I guess, huh mUm. :) Two people hold onto each side of the "cracker" and they pull. It makes a popping sound and out pops a present, some glitter, a joke, and a paper hat. :) Then you are supposed to wear the paper hat for dinner. Odd, I know... but we all know how those crazy English people do things. :)

Poozle with her yellow paper hat on. :)

So for the next few days we will play with toys and try to sort through the HUGE mess our house has become. Six people make for a lot of new things!! With a move coming up I will be trying to convince my children to "give up" some of their old things. :)
Andrea was a little confused why there was so much commotion as soon as she woke up. She usually has some quiet time with mommy and a cup of milk.

She is smiling mUm. She loves the little brown webkinz puppy. :) (See her holding onto her trusty brown bunny though...)

This is on Christmas Eve... I still can't believe that Denmark celebrates on the 24th. Why? If I was a little Danish kid I'd feel pretty sad that Santa was flying over my house and not stopping. So on Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present. (not because we are in Denmark, but that's just how our family has always done it... even when I was little... AND my parents would line us up like this and take our picture) Andrea would have been included to but she went to bed at 6pm on Christmas Eve and slept straight on through the night until 6:20am... it was her gift to me. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas.

Danish kids DOES get a visit from Santa... in person. So no need to be sad :-) At least this is how it works in my family and most families we know. Sometime during christmas eve the father or grandfather suddenly has to go buy something last minute or visit someone or something. A few minutes later Santa drops by with a huge bag of gifts and asks the kids if they have been nice this year. And of course the always have ;-) So they get the gifts from santa in the late afternoon on the 24th. I guess Denmark is the first stop on his route and he has time to deliver the gifts personally, instead of just dropping them down the chimney.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Astrid

Live, Play, and Read Together said...

I should chew your ass out right now for your nintendo ds comment... Why not tell me what you thought of it all? Would have been nice when I was looking for that dumb strawberry shortcake game on eBay and had to pay 40 bucks. Still love you. How'd Sierra like the computer?

PiNG aka Patti said...

That ball track looks like fun! Love all your Christmas pictures - looks like it was a very nice day for the family. Merry Christmas!

C and H Romenesko said...

Chuck is admiring Scotty's magnetic track ball game. Did Santa leave the name of the toy on the box, so maybe I can try and find it too or is it a one of a kind that Santa's elves only made for Scotty?

Anonymous said...


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