Saturday, December 5, 2009

She came back!

Three days later... BEAR RETURNED! :)

Scotty and Andrea were the happiest to see her. They missed her so much! It was cute to see that they really did miss her. Andrea immediately wanted Sierra to hold her and Scotty just rambled on about with everything he had to wanted to tell her in the last few days.

Sierra, of course... had a wonderful time. The first things she tells me about is how she went on the star flyer a big swing at Tivoli and it broke and got stuck at the top for 20 minutes!! AHHH.... And I wasn't there to save her! I'm happy she was sitting next to her teacher though so she didn't panic. But I guess her teacher is the only reason she knew it was broken because they told everyone in Danish... :) She thought the long pause was part of the ride.

She told me about all the candy she ate and about how she spent 200 kroner in an estimated five minutes. :) They had a great train ride and hotel stay... She wasn't impressed with the dinners and wanted me to make something yummy for dinner. :) I'm so glad she went. She had a great time. I'm happy to have her back home.

It's funny how missing one person from your family can totally make every day feel weird and not quite right. I love my little Bear!

Here are some of her pictures. :)

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Ingrid said...

She is a good photographer! Such nice photos and what lovely pictures of her and Malin.
Thanks for having us over tonight!


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