Thursday, December 17, 2009

Super Tree, Gifts, & Pink Eye!

The less I write, the busier I am. I blame it all on Andrea. She is a little poozling monster.

The past few weeks we have gotten SIX packages from North America! It's been so awesome you don't even know... really though unless you have lived overseas and can't get things like Fruit Pebbles you can't possibly understand how important they become. I can't believe how happy I am to get pumpkin pie mix and chocolate chips! It's almost sad!! Thanks Lisa and Erica and mUm and Mom... you all spent WAY too much on shipping! :)

I heard that next year we will only get to import one checked bag per person! True? If so, it makes the recent packages I've received even more valuable!

We got our Christmas tree! We froze for two hours doing a scavenger hunt with Danish clues as part of a "company party" through Paul's work. :) It was all written in Danish... nothing translated... Michaela and I read what we could and found another confused American to tag along with.

After the scavenger hunt, we searched through the forest and found the perfect tree! It's huge and all the kids helped cut it down. It was fun and we like our tree. :) I've never cut down my own Christmas tree before... at least not that I can remember? Dad, did you ever cut down a tree for us?

Scotty loved to decorate it the most. He piles on as many ornaments on a branch as he can and then finds another branch. ...and when our big tall tree fell over he was happy because he got to put the ornaments back on. :) Andrea isn't too concerned with the tree. There are a few decorations that she likes and they have turned into her toys that she poozles about with.

A while back we made cookies with Erin and her kids before they moved back to the states. They turned out much better than the cookies I tried to make yesterday with six other kids from school, in which I forgot the sugar and they turned out to be scones that we topped with butter instead of frosting. :)

We all miss Erin and their family... they moved back to the States a couple weeks ago. Friends leaving is no fun and it's a part of this lifestyle we now have. It's hard on the kids too. However with Erin and her family we don't really think we "lost" them because they currently live in Southern California, a 6 hour drive from my parents)... but they will be moving to Philadelphia, an 8 hour drive from Paul's parents... so we are confident we will see them again! Either way though, we all still miss them. :( :) Yes, there is a cookie under all that frosting... Scotty loves frosting.

My poor little Poozle has two pink eyes where her cute little blue ones used to be. :( So sad... but the drops I made the doctor give me seem to be making her less "gooey". The drops aren't drops though... they are like a gel and IMPOSSIBLE to get into her eye. I've learned that if a 15 month old does not want to open their eye, there is nothing you can do about it!


Michaela Lizzy said...

I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Pretty tree! Growing up we always trekked into some forest to cut down our own tree because my dad refused to pay the price they were asking for those already cut!

Lisa said...

I know I am a bad friend, I just now am catching up on my blog reading! So glad you liked it. Now did you make a pecan pie is the question.


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