Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She really left...

I arrived at the train station this morning at 7:20am with four children... and I left with only three of them... Little Bear left us. :(

She was beyond excited to go on this trip. Scotty was beyond sad to see his sister leave. He had the most depressed and pouty look on his tiny face that you could ever imagine. He will miss his big sister very much.


DreaminginDanish said...

Wow...that's a pretty exciting trip for her! Looking forward to hearing how her first trip away from the family goes :)

June said...


Ingrid said...

I can do 'copy page' on your two latest posts :-) . Malin was exactly the same and obviously the day has become as great as they were expected. I talked to them at 21.40 and at that time Malin told me that everybody were laying in there beds reading except Sierra and Malin. They were giving points to all the activities they had done during the day (the train, the museum, the planetary, the hotel and so on). They had SO much fun! :-) It makes me feel really happy to hear what a great time they are spending together.
But I do miss her over here. R is in Finland and now Malin is away too. Our family feels a bit decimated. See you!


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