Monday, December 21, 2009

**40** years of Happy

My husband is 40. I am not. Just for the record, I am 32. :)

Paul turned 40 on Friday and we had a big party for him on Saturday. On his real Friday birthday we had great plans to go into town, look at all the lights, walk around, then have dinner somewhere. We even canceled our babysitter to have this great evening of family fun... BUT It was too cold, -4 degrees and snowing, the kids were not feeling well, I was too busy preparing things for his party... We stayed home while Happy went to McDonalds and got some take out fast food. Super exciting day! Turns out the kids are the ones who get to go to nicer restaurants for their birthdays! (We have a raincheck for the babysitter though...)

However, Saturday was his birthday party day! That's when all the excitement happened!! :) We had ~20 other people come over and it was a lot of fun. I'm almost getting used to inviting lots of people over!! Of course this time I planned on feeding them all dinner and that was a little scary. We just had "big" appetizers and it all worked out. :) Everyone ate lots, the kids had lots of fun, and all the adults played cranium later in the night... can't remember whether or not the men or women won. Oh yah, we gave the men so many "pity points" that they won. :)

Our kids went to bed at midnight. :)

Paul's cake worked out pretty well too. :) I made him three. One boring lemon cake, one set of pink cupcakes, and one FORTY LAYER CAKE!

Here is how to make a forty layer cake.
- Start with a pre-made loaf cake and premade frosting... building the cake is enough work.
- Pile the layers on top of each other.
- Hold it still as it begins to slide.
- Support it with wooden skewers.
- Support it with yarn.
- Add more skewers and yarn as necessary.
...and Whoaalla. A 40 layer cake. :) It stayed standing all night although more yarn was added as it began to slip off to the side.

So that's that. My husband is 40. I am not.
I didn't take lots of pictures so if you came to our party email me some pictures!! My new years resolution will be to take more pictures! :) HA, Happy just told me I have 46,000 pictures on the computer. :)

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Live, Play, and Read Together said...

stop making such creative cakes lady... you and kristen.. geez... sad we couldn't be there. I hope Paul made fun of someone else instead :)


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