Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slushy Slush

There is TONS of snow here. YAY for snow!! Yesterday is snowed all day long... how cool is that! I can't remember having a White Christmas. I will stick the kids outside on Christmas day in their pajamas on Christmas morning in the snow to take a picture so they will remember their White Christmas... Where I'm from these don't happen very often! :)

Today was warmer and things were starting to melt... mostly just the roads. There will still be lots of snow left for my Christmas morning picture though. :) Melting snow is messy... melting snow is slush.

I have some things to say about slush. Slush is the stuff you have when all the pretty white snow has melted. Slush tends to be most noticeable in parking lots, sidewalks, and all the places you want to walk. Slush is gross. It is dirty and ...slushy. Michaela is right, walking in slush is like walking through a coke icee. I went shopping down in the town today... on all the cobblestone roads that have not been plowed at all. It was a slush-palooza... a giant slush party... Yuck. I thought for sure I was going to slip and fall and land plop in some slush. ...wouldn't that have been a story for the good ole' blog? :)

I think someone should squeegee the slush away. Give some kids 100 kroner and tell them to squeegee it all in a drain... problem solved. Or it could be like the bathroom attendant... Set up a table with a little paper cup and a sign that says, "I squeegeed this sidewalk for you." I'd pay 1 euro to walk on a slush-less sidewalk. Slush is not a pretty thing to see and it's no fun to walk through... unless you are a four year old boy ...then slush is great.

Do you see my son? He is talking on the phone to Nana. AND TWIDLING his hair in circles like his father!!!

...and my daughter, with the cookie jar on the floor. Don't ask how she got it... but I think that big guy next to her... the one that gives her anything she wants... I think he had something to do with it.


seasonticket said...

I saw someone had put food colouring into spray bottles and sprayed the snow to make it all different colours.

It is really pretty but it is still fine to be wary of yellow snow.

PiNG aka Patti said...

This is the only white Christmas I've experienced here and I'm loving it!

Pete said...

Merry white Christmas.

This was the first white Christmas in Denmark since 1995.
2009 was only the 8th time since year 1900 there has been a white Christmas in Denmark.
This is an avarage of every 14th year since year 1900 - or in other words a 7% chance of a white Christmas.

White Chrimases in Denmark since year 1900:


Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.


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