Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in America

By: Michaela Dinman... who is 11. :)

In America we celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. On the 24th sometimes families would let their kids open one present just so they aren't tempted to open one in the middle of the night without permission. Americans would usually put up their stockings today. They would normally be on the chimney but people get worried that if it's too heavy it will fall on someone's head. We would also put cookies and milk out for Santa. Sometimes people put carrots out for the reindeer too.

On Christmas Eve, stores would usually stay open for a while and they would have a whole Christmas aisle. They would also have lots of lights and decorations on the outside. Inflatatable Santtas, tinsel, reindeer made out of wire with lights on them and normal house lights. Families would put a lot of lights on their trees but they might put even more lights on the outside. Sometimes whole neighborhoods would get together and coordinate their houses. or they would try to put as many lights as possible on their street. Occasionally the government would put a sign saying, "Twinkle Street", or something like that.

On Christmas Day, everyone would open their presents in their pajamas. For a while we would just hang out and relax. Normally we would have turkey and whatever else we would feel like eating for dinner. But some people (like us) want to make the turkey dinner on Christmas Eve so they could avoid touching raw meat on Christmas. Some families, (like us again) start a tradition that husbands touch the turkey instead of wives.

This was printed in the quarterly school newspaper. So I figured it was fair game to post on my blog. I'm sure Miss Michaela will let me know if she disapproves. :) I think it's cute... however a little scary that she sounds like me sometimes. My favorite part is the turkey part.

Off to finish wrapping gifts...


Michaela Lizzy said...

Ok... How do I sound like you again???

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

Tara, your guest blogger did a great job! Happy New Year to the Happy crew!

Anonymous said...

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